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2008 --- Click here for Video from DVD made by Sarah McGarry

Schoolboy results:

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St. Joe's Rowers owe a gigantic thank-you to Mr. McGarry (Sarah's dad) who on behalf of Barrie Police donated $250 towards the purchase of a TENT for rowers. We also owe thanks to Sarah McKinnon for raising money for the tent.

St. Joe's Rowers also owe a huge thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Benoit and PlumbTech who donated $250 to pay for the truck rental (to tow boats) to the Schoolboy Regatta. Mr. & Mrs. Benoit -- you are awesome.


June 14, 2008 - Mr. Feher and Mr. Szerminski rowing a double on the Severn River at the home and new rowing club of former BRC coaches Mike Smith and Dianne Barr. Their technique was far from perfect, but not that bad considering it was Mr. Feher's first time sculling and Mr. Szerminski has not rowed himself for about 15 years. Thanks Mike and Dianne for the opportunity and we'll visit you again soon.

..Pictures from CSSRA Championships (Schoolboy) -- May 29-May 31, 2008

Link to videos from Schoolboy -- this is raw unedited footage that will be edited down and shown to grade 9s next year to inspire them to sign up for rowing.

Link to full album of pictures from Mr. Szerminski's camera (scaled to 1.1 megapixels):

Sarah McKinnon & Kelsey Smith head out in their double. Thank-you girls for several years of dedication to the program.


Jordan Chew and Dave Angus head out in the Pair. The boys qualified for the semi-final on Saturday but did not make it to the final.  Dave is graduating this year but Jordan will return for a couple more years.


Hailey Vidler prepares to launch her crew.


The coxie is smiling but the boys are pretty focused on the task at hand. Along with coach Mike Gardiner is coach Sterling Sonego -- a St. Joe's alumni rower.


Mens' Four rowing back to the dock after their race. They raced well but were not fast enough to qualify. I don't mean to keep putting pictures up of the same crew -- but I was video-recording most of the time and actually took very few photos. The video will be shown next year to grade 9s and 10s to promote rowing to kids entering St. Joe's.


It takes a lot to run a rowing program. Shown here are the St. Joe's coaches involved.


Mr. Szerminski with another alumni rower -- Peter Webb. Note the snazzi new hats.


Hanging out in Port Dalhousie between races.


While most of the rowers went to be terrified in one of the famous Clifton Hill haunted houses, some of the adults and coxie Erin went to check out the great Niagara.

Pictures from Ridley Sprints Regatta -- May 25, 2008

Principal McCann shows up just in time to the Women's Four win gold in the consolation final.


The girls and coaches after claiming their medals.


Men's crew with Jordan Chew at stroke getting ready to set out.


Melissa & Courtney at their double.


Sarah McKinnon and Kelsey Smith setting up their double.

Pictures from Welland Regatta -- May 17, 2008

Women's Quad -- They would race well and qualify for the final.


The Quad during the heat. Shown here in the lead around 1000 meters. The girls placed 4th in the final, narrowly missing a medal.


Women's 4+ setting out to race.


One of the Men's Fours ready to race with coach Mike Gardiner.


Coach Mike and Sterling with the all-novice 4+.


The Barrites. Our friends from Nouvelle Alliance and Innisdale were there to race as well.

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